Technology with a purpose

Brijot is a US millimeter wave technology provider helping to safeguard society against terrorism and criminality.

Pioneering valued and trusted security solutions, Brijot develops non-invasive and safe full-body scanning systems for detecting concealed objects, whether metallic or non-metallic, under clothing, to protect people, property and privacy.

Following a recent restructure and guided by an experienced leadership team, Brijot has grown the scope and capability of its solutions range through new product development, strategic alliances, and citizenship strategy.

Our global GO SAFE STRATEGY supports our business goals and drives us to be at the forefront of respond to stakeholder expectations.

Brijot products are approved at the highest industry level standards and have been tried globally over a decade.


Our Solutions

With a leadership position in non-ionizing imaging solutions, Brijot offers a variety of products that play a key role in detection of weapons and contraband in airports, ports and boards, military branches, schools, critical infrastructure and government and law enforcement agencies and also support customers who need solutions to prevent internal loss, promoting a safe workplace.

Our Products